The Element for Students


The Mission of The Element

"To help students take a step towards owning their faith."

What Is The Element?

The Element is the Junior and Senior High Student Ministry at New Hope. The purpose of the Element is to make, mature, and mobilize disciples who live on mission with the gospel.  Students are highly relational.  If you offered a student the opportunity to be a part of something incredible, no matter how great it is, they would first ask, “Who else is going?”  Like many adults, they tend to define their world by those who participate in it with them.  Our student ministry team focuses their energy on reaching and discipling students by cultivating relationships with one another.  All of our efforts encourage involvement and growth in small groups.  Each program guides students to participate in a small group which ultimately leads to serving Christ by putting the needs of others before their own (Philippians 2:1-8)

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Nik Walborn : Director of Student Ministries : Email : 419.636.1362 x104


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