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Life Groups

Not Connected? We can help!

Looking for community at New Hope?

"Joining a life group helped us feel more connected to other couples our age here at New Hope!" – Ben & Emillee

Life Groups are a safe place to connect and belong as you grow in your faith. Every group has a unique dynamic, but they all have a few things in common.


All groups provide:


·         A place where you will feel welcomed and loved.

·         An open place to live out your faith in Jesus.

·         A welcome environment to have meaningful discussions about life.

·         A place to connect and belong with others through whatever life brings.


We believe that Life Groups are the absolute best way to find life-changing community at New Hope! We find many examples in the Bible that followers of Jesus found community through meeting together in smaller groups. Let us help you find a Life Group where you can connect and belong.

“ I love Life Group because it’s given me a place where I can be real with my struggles and feel true community support." -Kaitlin Tippin