Helping at New Hope

We are here to help you take your next step!

One of those steps is taking the opportunity to take part in the life changing mission of God's Church at New Hope!

We believe that there isn't much that's closer to the heart of God than selfless service.  Think about it:  When God became man in the person of Christ, he came as a servant - He came as one who would be obedient - He came as one who considered others more important than Himself (Philippians 2:4-8)! 

Some ministries focus on learning, some on teaching. Some on developing relationships with others. Others focus on serving other people and meeting their needs. Many ministries offer a blend of these opportunities, but in the end, they all offer opportunities to follow the words of Phillipians 2:4-8 and put the needs of others before you own. 

So how about it? Are you ready to be a part of changing the world?

Off to the right, you will find a number of volunteer opportunities, feel free to look through them and connect with the appropriate contact listed on that page.  If you have questions about how you might be able to better understand the right ministry opportunity for you, please contact David Nicholls at 419.636.1362, email