Meal Ministry

There are times in our lives when putting a meal together for the family seems like an insurmountable task!  Do you remember what it is like to have a new baby at home?  Have you ever experienced an unforeseen illness or injury?  You’ve possibly even experienced the death of a loved one.  When our normal routine is interrupted by a life event, it is the desire of our church family to come along side you and care for you. 

One small way we can minister to a family in need is to schedule some meals to be delivered to the home or provide food for a funeral meal.  By agreeing to be part of our meal ministry group, you are not committing to providing a meal every time there is a need.  You are committing to being on an email list.  You will be notified when there is a need, look at the schedule available, choose a date that works for your schedule and provide a meal at that given time.  You don’t cook but would still like to help?  Take out is perfectly acceptable!  Everyone loves a delivery of pizza or some soup from the local restaurant. 

Meal Ministry

  • Sign up to get email alerts as the need arises.
  • Choose a date that works for your schedule.
  • Make a meal and deliver it on your given date.

It’s as simple as one, two, three!  This a an easy way to serve that gives you the flexibility to fit it into your schedule. To sign up to become a part of this team, click here.




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