What Are Life Groups?

Life Groups are the best way to get connected here at New Hope! Life Groups are typically made up of 5-15 people and are a safe place to connect and belong.  We offer Life Groups to everyone who is interested in connecting with others.  Each Life Group is different and has its own “flavor”, meets on it’s own day/time, and has its own culture; but every Life Group has a few things in common:

  • You will always feel welcomed and loved
  • You will always open up the Bible
  • You will always have meaningful discussion about life
  • You will always have a place to connect and belong


Why Life Groups?

We believe that Life Groups are the absolute best way to find community at New Hope!  We find over and over in the Bible that Christians (including Jesus) found community through meeting together in smaller groups. At New Hope we want to help you find a Life Group where you can connect and belong.


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Find a Life Group!

Follow the link below to look through our list of over 40+ Life Groups currently being offered! It doesn’t matter if you are a single parent, been married for 30 years, new to church, or even a student there is a Life Group for you!  You can filter results to find out what Life Groups are in your area, special interest groups, or even what day of the week works for you!

To find a Life Group, please click here


2018-2019 Life Group Ministry Calendar


Life Group Stories

Check out these stories from people who have been impacted by a Life Group! 

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