Discover Jesus

Who is Jesus Christ?

It's a question whose answer has hounded truth-seekers for ages.

Where did he come from? What was he about? Did he really claim to be God? How much about his written life can be believed?

Was he a madman or a holy man? A good teacher or God-in-the-flesh? A prophet? A messiah?

Open Your Mind and Your Heart

The truth will always be found by those who hunger for it. If you're serious about knowing more about God and Jesus Christ, we encourage you to open both your heart and your mind in your search.

At times your search may bring up difficult questions that your mind cannot solve. That's okay. God can handle the scrutiny. He's not afraid of the doubts and questions. He planted that inquisitive nature in us so that we would search for and find our ultimate meaning in him.

At other times, your heart may hold back from wanting to believe because of experiences you've had in the past. You may feel incapable of believing in a God who would allow evil and pain in the world. It's okay to grapple with that emotion. As you continue your search, we believe that you'll come to see him in the fullness of who he is and your heart will be able to embrace him.

Question honestly, but never stop searching. The truth will be found by all those who hunger for it.

Read About His Life

If you have access to a Bible, we encourage you to read all you can about Christ's life in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. If you don't have a Bible, you can read one online at These books were written by men who were closely associated with Jesus when he walked the earth nearly 2000 years ago. They carefully detailed the things he said and did for future generations to read.

As you read, ask youself these questions:

  • How was Jesus Christ different from other men?
  • How was he the same?
  • Who did he claim to be?
  • How did he prove his claim?
  • As you read, you'll doubtless have many other questions. These are important, but don't focus on them yet. Write them down for later.

Hear About Him from Others

A second great way to discover more about Jesus Christ is to hear about him from those who study his life and follow his teachings--people who don't just call themselves Christians, but who really live their lives showing love the way Christ did. As followers of Christ, we don't claim to be perfect or better than anyone else. We view ourselves only as beggers who have found bread, hurting people who have found healing.

We don't claim to know everything or have it all together. We're continually learning, changing, and growing. As we continue to grow in truth, we invite you to join us on the journey so that we can learn together.

We invite you to join us for our Sunday morning worship services as we sing, pray, and learn. Check out our Guest Guide to help you with your first visit.

We also invite you to participate in any of our Adult Groups which will give you a better feel for what day-to-day life is like following Christ.

Of course, we're happy to sit down and talk with you at any time. We want to hear about your journey and your questions. We would love to share with you some of the answers we believe to be true. Contact us at your convenience.